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42 Elite Surf Sport athletes were chosen to represent Far North Coast at the 2013 NSW SLS Interbranch Championships last weekend (14th and 15th Dec) at Soldiers Beach, The Entrance. Our U12 group had Finn selecetd in this team to compete in the following events: Sprints, Flags, Jnr All Age Relay, Cameron Relay. The goal of the FNC team was to win the Contry Branch title. The Interbranch Championships has traditionally been won by very strong metropolitan clubs like Sydney, Sydney Northern Beaches and Central Coast. So the FNC team sets its sights not only finishing as high on the pointsscore table but on top of the Country Branches. This year the team reached and exceeded their goal finishing 4th overall and winning the Country Championship trophy.
The team travelled from Cudgen Headland on the morning of Tuesday 12th and had a training day on the Friday before the start of the competition.  Finn was ready to compete in his pet event and ran weel uin the second heat placing 4th which put him into the B final where he finished 2nd. This effectivley placed him in 8th place overall as there were 6 runners in the final. His Flags event on the second day saw him perform well stayingh alive in the elinination format until the final 5. Here, Finn was eliminated but was one of only 3 country athletes left. The FNC Junior All Age team ran well and finished 5th. Finns last event was the Cameron relay were a strong team assembled and finished 5th again in a field of 11 teams from across the state.
The team spirit among the 42 athletes was very strong and being the youngest member of the team Finn was made welcome by the older athletes and all accompanying the team. The trip was made that much better by the fact he got to share it with his club and training partner Claudia Crawford (U13)
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