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We were treated to one of those special Cabarita Days on the morning of Sunday 27th. South East winds glassy 3 – 5ft clean conditions. A test for our first timers the U12 at this level. 11 kids from our age group put their hands up for the first Branch Carnival of the year.

Girls: Bree Anne Wilhborg, Shakyra Gillard, Danni Geeves, Melia Loveridge, Charizma Macdonald – Cass, Sarah Vasseur and Ella Larkin. Boys: Logan Crouch, Jacob Chandler, Zane Patience and Finn Whitney.


At the start of the Carnival I was reminded of the words of the famous commentator Norman May “its Gold, Gold, Gold, for Australia”, only it was Gold Gold Gold for Cabarita.

Finn won the Boys sprint, a first timer at Surf Carnivals Melia Loveridge won the Girls sprint with Charizma a close second. These three then teamed up with Bree Anne to win convincingly the Sprint relay event.  Caba also had two other teams in the relay with team yellow finishing 4th and team white 6th

Other great results included a silver medal for Finn in the flags and a bronze for Charizma.

Medals are great but it was some of the other special efforts throughout the day that deserve mention. We had three first timers and they all now are bitten by the bug that the team camaraderie that the SLS movement offers. Exceptional results in the ironman from Zane finishing 5th and Jacobs 6th in the swim event.

I would like to mention Logan for his efforts in both the swim, board an iron events. His persistence and never give up attitude is a true measure of his personality. His love of the sport may not always translate into medals but if they gave out medals for effort not many could get close to him.

Keep it up Loges!!!

Bring on the Salt Carnival next week.


Tim Whitney

Age Manager U12