Presentation 2014

posted 9 Mar 2014, 13:28 by Admin at CabaSLSC


Our annual presentation day was held on Sunday 9th March. Many of our great little age group turned up to bit part of the celebrations. In what is a reflection of the depth of the talent in our age group, the female age champion was so closely fought out that there were 5 girls in with a chance, so well done to all for your efforts this year.

Below are our recipients for the major awards for 2014:


                                    BOYS                                     GIRLS

Age Champions:    Finn Whitney                      Shakyra Gillard


Runners Up:          Zane Patience                    Danni Geeves

                                                                                 Bree – Anne Whilborg


Encouragement Award:

                                    Jacob Chandler                   Ella Larkin


100% Attendance:

                                    Shakyra Gillard

                                    Danni Geeves

                                    Bree – Anne Whilborg

                                    Finn Whitney


100% Carnival Attendance:

                                    Finn Whitney          Zane Patience        Jacob Chandler

                                    Shakyra Gillard      Danni Geeves         Bree – Anne Whilborg


Special Congratulations to Finn Whitney who was announced as the Clubs Carnival Champion. An award given to the person who accrues the most points at all the carnivals throughout the year.

Tim Whitney

Age Manager (Dad)