Lennox Carnival - 17th November 2013

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Finn, Zane, Jacob, Cameron, Breanne, Shakyra, Danni, Charisma and Sarah were out of bed early to get to Lennox for the start of the Junior Carnival. High tide and a lack of beach meant that our age group performed our flags first and then sat around for 3 hours waiting for our next event. Charizma was our best performer today finishing in 4th position. Unfortunately for Shakyra, who always performs well in the flags she was unable to continue due to injury and was eliminated in 7th place. A trip to hospital for scans meant that this was the end of her day. But her return the beach inspired our team to bigger and better things. The 3hr break meant she did not really miss too much of the action.

Finn picked a slow lane high up near the dunes and was beaten for the first time this year in the sprints and won silver. Charizma was beaten by a short half head, again running in a slow lane whilst the winner had the hard paced sand near the water’s edge.

The sprint team dominated and again drew a soft sand lane. Our team overhauled Cudgen to break their hearts and win Gold. Congrats to Zane, Breeanne, Charizma and Finn.

As we sat around waiting we just knew that it would be one event after another, the longer we waited. So under instruction the team rested and ate lunch and kept hydrated. Let this be a lesson to those with down time at a carnival, eat when you can and drink consistently and you will have energy to spare when you need it. Our afternoon program went like this with no breaks.

1) Swim Race

2) Surf Teams (good result here finishing 5th with 3 placing in the top 10)

3) Board Heat

4) Board Final

5) Iron Man

No rest for the wicked!!!!

Below is a list of the Carnival results. As I mentioned in my last report we are edging ever closer to that water medal. Finn finishing 4th in the board, just in front of Zane and Jacob and both Finn (5th) and Jacob (6th) in the iron man.

FINN W 6th 5th 5th 4th 2nd 1st 8th 5th
ZANE P 9th 5th dns 10th dnp 1st dnp 5th
JACOB C 10th 5th 7th dnp dnp 8th dnp 5th
CAMERON B dnp dns dns dnp dnp 8th dnp dns
BREE  W 7th 5th dns 9th dnp 1st dnp 5th
SHAKYRA G dnp dns dns dns dns dns 7th 5th
DANNI G dnp dns 6th 10th dnp 8th dnp 5th
CHARIZMA M dnp dns dns dns 2nd 1st 4th dns
SARAH V dnp dns dns dns dnp 8th dnp dns

Tim Whitney
Age Manager