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Weekly Wrap 20th April 2012

posted 26 Apr 2012, 21:24 by Admin at CabaSLSC
Hey Everyone,

Last weekend of Patrols, I don’t know whether to be happy or sad, it has been such a great season  with possibly the best bunch of Lifesavers and Volunteers!  Thank you to you all for making my job so much fun and consistently making me laugh.  As you all know though, the Club doesn’t stop running during the off season and we have our Major Fundraiser of the year on the June long weekend with the running of the Greenback BBQ.  What does this mean?  It means all hands on deck, we will need as many helpers as we can over the weekend helping setting up and of course running our famous BBQ.   We will have a Roster up shortly so find a space and put your name down.  The Lions Raffle tickets can be purchased from the Bar, so make sure you support them and grab a ticket next time you are up here.

One Direction Fever has not only hit the Gold Coast but it has found its way onto our beach. Our sometimes absent Lifeguard Hannah has been doing some redecorating of the Arena with some lovely posters.  With all of this rain that we have been having, unfortunately they are not surviving too well, and the fact that Hannah has been caught licking them isn’t helping either.

We had a tiny bit of blood shed (actually it was a lot) last weekend prior to Patrol, thankfully it wasn't a Draman so no Ambulance required, but Tim Whitney did a hell of a job of his big toe on the garbage bin. This isn't quite enough to deserve his own Code, but I will reserve 27 just in case he continues his clumsy ways. Thankfully I was there to clean and bandage it up, and look forward to beverage of an alcoholic nature that Tim has promised me. (Cheeky)

Poker Nights are starting up from Friday 4th May, more details to follow soon.  Our Lifesaving Director Brett is known as a bit of a card shark, so we look forward to seeing him in action.

Patrol Champs this Sunday 2.30pm for a 3.00pm start.  


Lifesaving Presentation Night Saturday 12th May 2012.  Tickets available now from the Bar.  RSVP by 28th April.  Don’t miss out!

Patrols this weekend!

Saturday 10.00am to 2.00pm - Patrol 3 - Kindergarten Crew
Sunday 9.00am to 12.30pm - Patrol 4 - Prawn Patrol
Sunday 12.30pm to 4.00pm - Patrol 1 - Whitneys Warriors
Anzac Day 9.00am to 12.30pm - Patrol 2 - Preschool Pack
Anzac Day 12.30pm to 4.00pm - Patrol 5 - Mixed Bar of Nuts

And then we are done for the year!  Well done guys!  

Member Draw

Bill Thomason - Not Claimed

Jackpot now $820.00 next draw 15th April  2012.   So get down to the Club between 4.30pm and 6pm.  Remember, your name goes back in the draw each week, so if it has been drawn once it CAN be drawn again.

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