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Weekly Wrap 11th May 2012

posted 10 May 2012, 21:31 by Admin at CabaSLSC
Hey Everyone,

Friday Night Poker started last week and we had a respectable 14 players.Thanks to Matt and Dan from Global Poker Events for coming on board and running a great night. Brett Draman was the eventual winner, (let’s not allow that to happen too often ok) with an honourable mention to Dave Sommo who came in 4th. Muzza turned up to have a crack, having never played Texas Hold ‘Em before and did enough to suggest he could be a threat in coming weeks. Remember, rego at 6pm for a 7pm start.  $10.00 a head, this is fun poker not APL, so everyone welcome!

Poor old Kyle Beattie was left stranded by Troy and Brett Draman in the surf yesterday. they witnessed Kyle demonstrate some very exciting flips and rolls. Surprisingly it was not in an IRB, as this weeks tool of destruction was the racing mal. Kyle has now tested the aerodynamics of the board hurtling through the air and we look forward to hs synopsis.

Tomorrow night is our Presentation Night as you all should know! The excitement is building. hopefully we don’t see too many of our young boys taking the opportunity to cross dress, but knowing the likes of Fletcher Budd I highly doubt this!

This week has seen the arrival of a new piece of lifesaving equipment,  this being an inflatable rescue board...! This board will allow our new bronzies to become more confident with a softer lighter rescue board hopefully breaking down the common confidence barrier especially in our younger females.  There was one recommendation that  no one can paddle it who’s head outweighs the board.  Unfortunately it looks like you won’t get to have a turn Hannah!! I have taken the honour of naming the board ‘The Banana Boat’.

The records continue to tumble. The 10km row has been snipped again, from 40 min 40 sec. to 40 min 34 sec. It might not sound like a huge drop but when you’re operating at the upper limit of human endeavour as these guys are, every tenth is a huge leap forward. Congratulations go to Nathan “The Machine” Wilson. There is much conjecture at present regarding the biological ages of our two lead protagonists. Is Pat 22 or is Nathan 48 or are they both 35. Only Wii fit knows the real answer, stay tuned.

Winter Whales starts back this Sunday from 9.30am, so look for the crazy little italian Frank Iseppi out the front of the Club around this time.  Those who are coming tomorrow night, may want to pace themselves, but there is nothing like a morning dip to get rid of a hangover.


Upcoming Bronze and SRC  Squad Introduction Night will be on Monday the 21st May from 6pm to 7pm at the Club.  Please show up or email any questions or your interest to Jo Howes   Any Juniors who are now 13 can complete their SRC in this Course instead of waiting for the Nipper season to begin.  

Member Draw

Michelle Bramwell - claimed $100.    Two weeks in a row!!!

Jackpot now $100.00  next draw 13th May.   So get down to the Club between 4.30pm and 6pm.  Remember, your name goes back in the draw each week, so if it has been drawn once it CAN be drawn again.

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