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Weekly Wrap 10th February 2012

posted 10 Feb 2012, 20:55 by Admin at CabaSLSC
Hey Everyone,

I hope you have all had a good week.    

In true Draman style, we had yet another Code 25 last weekend with Troy manging to remove his toenail quite swiftly and break his toe on some concrete in the gear shed.   We don’t know if he was more upset that he lost his toenail or he had to cancel his mani pedi booked in that afternoon.  Mani pedi you say?  Yes, he wanted to look his best for his  planned romantic moonlight paddle with our much loved IRB Captain Kyle Beattie.   We hear they had it set for upcoming Valentines Day, but the moon and tides weren’t  working in their favour.  Now, isn’t that just a bit cute.

The man from below had a frightening near death experience out in the surf this  week, he said his life flashed before eyes when our much loved Gym/Patrol/Locker Captain Justine attempted to take him out with a 10 foot rescue board, in true Justine style she was just that excited that she managed to hang on to the board on that rather large wave that she didn’t notice all the blood from his head or the fear on his face.  

Cleanliness around the club is starting to slip. The cranky man who reminds people that he is not their mother is upset again over rubbish left around. The cranky man has said that last week he put into the lost property bins 3 armfuls of clothing, two scooters, 3 skateboards and a 6 year old child.
The cranky man also nearly had a coniption over the television that has appeared in the gear shed. he said if you have unwanted items at home please don’t think you are doing the Surf Club a favour by bringing it in and leaving it here.   Just so you know, Admin Captain doesn’t like it when the Cranky Man rears his Cranky head, so can we all be a little bit more thoughtful.


Patrols this weekend!

Saturday 10.00 am to 2.00 pm - Patrol 1 - Whitneys Warriors
Sunday 9.00 am to 12.30pm - Patrol 3 -Kindergartern Krew
Sunday 12.30pm to 4.00pm - Patrol 2  - Pre-School Pak

Member Draw

Travis Logan

Jackpot now $620.00 next draw 12th February 2012.   So get down to the Club between 4.30pm and 6pm.  Remember, your name goes back in the draw each week, so if it has been drawn once it CAN be drawn again.

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