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Message from our Competition Captain

posted 6 Mar 2012, 22:22 by Admin at CabaSLSC
I would like to congratulate and thank everyone involved in the carnivals this season. competitors, parents, officials, age managers and water safety your involvement this season has been fantastic and without your participation we would not have experience such a successful season.

Achievements are not reflected by results alone, many competitors achieved personnel bests while others overcome fears and hurdles throughout the season all of which reflect the progression we are making at Caba, the willingness and commitment to training and competition this season was overwhelming and into next season will see us all further our skills as competitors. Parent involvement is  essential in providing  the requirements surf life saving demands from each club for competition, I thank all parents who helped fill those positions which allowed us to meet their quotas, many who are also parents to sometimes more than one competitor which makes their commitment more difficult.

 At this time I would like people to reflect over the season and if you can identify any way in which we could do things better I would appreciate the input as this is a team effort and we are all part of the Caba team. thanks for the season and I will see you at the presentation. 

Les Patience
Competition Captain