Joining a surf club is a life changing experience. You will form new friendships and become part of the greatest volunteer organisation in the world.
Anyone over 5 years old can become a member of Cabarita Beach SLSC. There are a number of member categories available.
Membership for all members expires each calendar year on the 30th of September.

Member Protection

Our Club is committed to the safeguarding of children and young people in Surf Life Saving. One way we do this is by ensuring that our members behave in a way which creates a safe, positive and inclusive environment. Surf Life Saving’s Codes of Conduct represent the minimum standards of member behaviour and must be complied with at all times.  There are two Codes of Conduct, both of which can be found in the SLSA Member Protection Policy.

-       The General Code of Conduct: includes expectations relating to respect; ethics; professionalism; complying with SLSA rules, policies and procedures; reporting breaches of the Safeguarding Program; and being a positive role model. 

-       The Code of Conduct for People in Positions of Authority when Dealing with Children or Young People: includes expectations relating to positive guidance; overnight stays; language; adhering to role boundaries; transporting children; use of electronic communication; use of changing rooms; use of photography; physical contact; gift giving; wearing of uniforms; and use of alcohol or drugs.

Members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Codes of Conduct, and to ensure that their behaviour, as well as the behaviour of others within the Club, is appropriate. They are encouraged to say something if they see something that doesn’t feel right, or is not in line with the Codes of Conduct.


Cabarita Beach Surf Life Saving Club is committed to the protection, welfare and wellbeing of all its members and is dedicated to providing a safe, fun and enjoyable environment as outlined in the SLSA Member Protection Policy. We take an inclusive approach, ensuring all of our members are treated with respect and dignity and are protected from discrimination, harassment and abuse regardless of gender, age, ability or nationality.

Members are covered by 
Workers Compensation – SLSNSW for patrolling, club activities and competition.


All Cabarita Beach SLSC members who work with children and young people are required to complete the Surf Life Saving’s Safeguarding Children and Young People Awareness Course.

Cabarita Beach SLSC is committed to providing a safe, supportive, enjoyable environment for children through the SLSA Safeguarding Children and Young People Program. The program recognises the importance of protecting young people under the age of 18 from abuse, harm and exploitation.  It is everyone’s responsibility to treat all children and young members respectfully, and within the child protection laws of Australia (free from any form of abuse).


As a club, we comply with the Child Protection legislation where all members in child-related roles are required to have a WWCC. For more information please read the 
Child Protection and the NSW Working With Children Check guidelines.

To apply for a WWCC please follow the process below and email your approved number to our Club’s MPIO:

Apply for a NSW WWCC


All Cabarita Beach SLSC members have a responsibility to speak up if they become aware of, or observe something considered inappropriate. Please contact Cabarita Beach SLSC’s Member Protection 
Officers, Lorraine Draman or Teniell Jocumsen, or follow the guidelines below.

All reports submitted will be treated in confidence and with the utmost respect for all those involved.

Guide to Making a Report
Make a Child Protection Report 

Become a Member of Cabarita Beach SLSC!

Membership Fees 2020/2021

Patrolling Members

Active/Reserve/Long Service - $20.00
Active Probationary/SRC - $100.00

General Members

Supporting Members (Active Helpers) - $30.00

Associate Members

Social Members - $40.00

Junior Members (Nippers)

Under 6 and Under 7 - $100.00
Under 8 to Under 14 - $130.00

Additional Internal Membership Fees

Patrolling/General Gym Membership - $60.00
Associate Gym Membership - $120.00
Patrolling Member Locker Hire - $5.00
General Member Locker Hire - $10.00
Associate Member Locker Hire - $20.00

This year we are encouraging online renewels.
This will reduce waste and limit the risk of spreading Covid-19 by 
eliminating as much hand-to-hand contact as possible.

Please go to the Members Area where you can renew your membership. 
If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one. 

Once you have logged in, select 'Memberships' from the top left, and then 'Renewals, payments & transfers' from the drop down list.

Check all your details are correct, tick all the declaration boxes and submit.
You will then get the 'Make Payment' option, click this and follow the payment process. If you have any internal memberships (locker hire, board storage etc.) you will need to add this payment before submitting.

If you have any issues, or are unable to renew online, please contact the office and we will either help you through it or get some physical forms for you to sign.
(02) 6676 1551

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