Lifesaving Online Instructions New Members

New Members

Please read these instructions carefully. Delays in processing you or your child's membership occur if these directions are not followed correctly. These delays may mean that your child is not entered on nipper roles or you are not eligible for member benefits such as member draws. 

Unfortunately at this time this is the online payment system implemented by Surf Life Saving. We have no control over the steps included in the process so please follow instructions carefully.

1. Sign on Online by clicking here .  You MUST create an Individual membership for each junior member of the family joining (make sure you also include one parent membership).  

2. You are at this step because you have created an account for each member. 

3. Login to your portal account. If you are a parent of nippers then login to your account (not your child's)

4. Once you have logged in then make membership payment entries for everyone in your family as set out in the member fees. Be very careful here that you select each family member and their relevant age group. An example is below.

Check this criteria is also met.
a)   All new Junior Members need to provide a copy of their Birth Certificates.  These can either be Faxed to 02 6676 0944 or emailed            to   
b)  No new Junior Memberships will be approved by the Surf Club until a copy of the Certificates have been received.  
c)  No approval means no participation, so don't forget to send them in.   
If you are unsure what age group your child will be in, please use chart at bottom of page.

5. Process your payment through the secure online system.

All new Nipper Members will receive their first coloured cap complimentary.  These will be handed out on the first day of Nippers. Compulsory High Vis Rash Shirts and Singlets are available for purchase at the Surf Club.  Please check your emails for Clothing Sales opening times.

The Price List can be opened by clicking on it on the payment page next to the Surf Clubs Name.