Lifesaving Online Instructions

It is important that you follow the instructions carefully. If you do not complete the sign on process properly your membership renewal may be delayed. This may lead to your child not being included on nipper roles or you not being eligible for member benefits including member draws.

Existing Members

If you haven't already created your Lifesaving Online Account, please do so by clicking here.  Then follow the prompts to create and retrieve your password and user names.  Once you have done so and are in the Members Portal, please click on Lifesaving Online on the Menu Bar.

Once you have clicked on Lifesaving Online it will take you to another page where you can renew your Membership.  See below.  Click on renew and update your details.  Make sure you hit the renew button and do not just go straight to the payment page!!!!!

Finally you will be asked to make payment for Membership.  There is a price list for the club an all appropriate categories of payment on the Payment Page next to the Surf Clubs Name.  Please complete payment.  An example of information required is below. You will have separate lines for every member of your family. You would also have separate lines if you are a gym member, locker holder etc.