Thank you for your interest in donating to our surf club.
Each time you make a donation to Cabarita Beach SLSC you will allow the lifesavers to focus on what they do best - save lives and educate, rather than selling sausages to purchase equipment. Each year the surf club needs to raise over $200,000.00 to keep our vital lifesaving service operational.

You can choose to make a one-off donation or become a regular contributor through the use of our quick buttons below.

 Each season we replace equipment through use. 
A regular replacement program requires the following purchase need to made each year.
 Patrol Pack
 Rescue Tube
 First Aid Kit
 Rescue Board

IRB and Motor 

Plans are underway to extend the club onto the top of the gear shed. This is a long term project that will require at least $700,000.00 to commence. I want to help with this and I want to make a one-off donation and wish to choose the amount

 Regular contributions will really help. Which of the following items do you think you could do without each week? 
 Mars Bar 

$2 a week This is a pretty cheap mars bar. Less calories, less rascally kids. Over a year this donation will buy 2 patrol packs!
 One beer     
$5 a week  You become a supporter of the club. You will lose 43 calories each week and be healthier. Over the year your donation will buy a rescue tube.  
 One bottle wine 
$15 a week  You are now a classy supporter and you will snore less. Your donation will contribute enough for us to purchase 2 first aid kits.
 One packet cigarettes
$25 a week  Now we're talking. Not only will you help us save a life you are well on the way to saving yours. Your money will help buy a defibrillator.
 A carton of beer
$50 a week  You are an absolute champion. You will have a much better chance of running a marathon.Taking this option means that not only can we purchase an IRB motor you will also receive invites all the club social functions.

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